8 Stunts To Try On Gta 5 online

8 Stunts To Try on Gta 5 Online

This article covers some of the most popular stunts and tricks on Gta 5 and a couple of my favorites. For more articles like this one Like, comment and Subscribe. Thank You.

GTA-V-Online-stunts-with-jets1. Fly under Military Tunnel.

Map Location

Steal a jet from the military base or locate one on the map and fly to the location on the map shown in the gallery above. Challenge yourself and friends to try fly through the tunnel, from one end to another without crashing or dying.  If you master flying through the tunnel try it upside down.

gta windfarm

2. Fly though Windmill farm.

Map Location



Grab a plane from the airport, Trevor’s Hanger or call Lester to Locate one then head over to the location at the red dot. Once you have reached the windmills, the stunt/challenge is to fly through all the windmill blades without dying – Good luck with that.

gta ambulance


3. Ambulance Surfing.

Cause a ruckus and attract an ambulance or simply borrow one from the hospital. You’ll need a friend to climb on top and stand still whilst you drive around and perform jumps and stunts. Your friend on top while appear to surf the ambulance and won’t fall off unless he eventually reaches the edge. This can be used for many fun things and is hilarious when you see it online. This is one of my personal favorites and i hope you try it for yourself.

plane crossover


4. Plane Crossovers.

You and a friend need to grab separate planes and then meet in a chosen location. Communicate with you friend about when and where you are whilst performing the stunt. You and a friend need to fly across each other and at the last minute one go below and one fly up and over. This stunt is really impressive when performed correctly but can be very frustrating when it doesn’t work. To add a little more flavor to the stunt  you could get more people to cross over at the same time.



5. Pegassi Bati 801 stunts

The Pegassi Bati 801 can be purchased in Gta 5 from the in game shop SouthernSanandreasSuperAutos.com for $15,000. The Bati 801 can be ramped off curbs, walls, roofs and anything the correct height – you’ll quickly learn what the correct height is. For example, drive at speed towards a curb and before you hit the curb perform a wheelie – pull back the left analogue – and you will be launched into the air. Experiment with different objects to see what works best.

gta bmx

6. BMX Stunts.

BMXs can be purchased in Gta 5 from the in game shop www.pandmcycles.com for $800 – Worth it. BMXs can perform different tricks like wheelies, bunny hops, spins and wall-grinds. There are many skate parks throughout the map but the best BMX stunts are performed through out the city, for example, building to building or from a roof  over a helicopter – Use your imagination to create great sequences and unique stunts.


6. Drive off Mount Chilliad.

Map Location



Drive to Mount Chilliad and climb to its peak. Drive off in any direction and you will not be disappointed, I promise. P.S bring friends but not your best car.


7. Plane Kamikaze Stunt.

With friends grab separate planes and meet in the same location. Once ready get everyone to fly towards each other/ to a center point and enjoy the fireworks – The more people the better ;)


8. Cargo bob Drop.

Cargo Bobs can be found at the airport, military base or certain helipads. Use the hook under neath the Cargo Bob to lift a car – (optional) with your friend inside – into the air and let it go when you’re at the highest point. The car will plummet towards the ground but there will be enough time to perform a couple of tricks.

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